Side-Quest 123. Get Good, Grandma

Hello and welcome to another Side-Quest episode of Talk This! It’s Dangerous to Podcast Alone! This week, we’re talking about getting into gaming for the first time, especially later in life. What makes it difficult, how could you do it, and what are solutions that could make it easier?

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The Topic

How do you learn how to play a video game? How are games unfriendly to new players, and how could they be better at that? Why is the gaming industry so uninterested in bringing in new players from older demographics? Should you put an ad on Craigslist to help you?

The Actual Discussion

We propose a new education system alongside a console-attached video game that teaches video games. We also cannot remember how we learned to play games, because we were babies. While the baby gamer hands remain, we have grown larger. We also look at Animal Crossing and try to understand its appeal towards new, older gamers.

Enjoy the episode! Tell us what you think in the comments or on social media. Make sure to check out last week’s episode and look forward to next week’s where we’re talking about Banjo Kazooie and Guilty Gear Strive.

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