Split Screen: Virginia Woolf and the Killer Supremes

Hey there Split Screen readers! It’s your intro host Madelyn, ready for some heroic caffeination action. This time, the couples of Coffee Prince have the worst double date ever, and the kids of My Hero Academia reveal that they don’t know what a concert is. Get your best band name ideas ready, and let’s press play!

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Coffee Prince Fourteenth Cup (up to minute 33)

M: There’s no real major conflict going on between our leads anymore, is there? 

E: I mean, there’s whatever they’re going to do about Han-gyul leaving for America, and now Yoo-joo is having a baby so….there’s still some points of drama at least

M: A baby, or as you referred to it, Diddly. 

E: Diddly Kong, as we call him.

M: I really want it to be DK’s baby so that we see if Han-sung can learn to love a baby that isn’t his, just like Han-gyul’s parents did. 

E: Wow, poetic. Honestly though, I hope it’s not, because I don’t wanna deal with that.

M: The dinner party homage to Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? was not one of my favorite scenes. 

E: Han-gyul was really trying, but he was just making things worse.

M: Much worse! Don’t encourage them! Don’t try to play along with their weird, super jealous, very much not over the events of the past few months, dynamic! 

E: It’s okay, a kid will fix it. Kids fix relationship problems, right?

M: Yeah, especially when the problem is that he’s still referring to his illicit crush as “kiddo.” 

E: Eun-chan still calls Han-gyul “Boss” too, which I also find uncomfortable.

M: It’s different degrees of discomfort, for me. 

E: Fair enough, fair enough.

M: He is her boss. Eun-chan is not a kid, and it’s weird to call her a kid. 

this is terrible

E: Our main conflict now is Sun-ki’s dramatic backstory of a brawl in the snow. 

M: His teeth look pretty good for losing a full third of them in a fight. 

E: Maybe some of them were like his wisdom teeth. Maybe he still had a few baby teeth. Something like that.

M: This takes on a whole different dynamic if he was like, nine years old. 

E: I don’t know what health insurance/treatment is like in Japan. Probably better than here. Maybe they have great dentists.

M: Six replacement teeth is still a lot of teeth. 

E: He could never eat a waffle again….Not enough teeth….

M: Not even a tomato waffle? The language of love. 

E: Not even that. Also, it’s not even his kid! He went into the kindergarten to talk to a child that wasn’t even his kid!

M: Are you sure about that?

E: Yes. He was saying she was married before.

M: Yeah, but then Mr. Hong referred to them dating for a few months. 

E: I really thought it was implied that it was not his child. Honestly though, this is just a show about taking in family that’s not related to you, so I guess it works. Keeps to the theme.

M: That makes me think there’s more than an outside chance that Yoo-joo’s baby is not Han-sung’s. 

E: Diddly.

M: Maybe Sun-ki should adopt it. He’s proven he’s mature enough to parent a kid that’s not his. He proved it by breaking into a kindergarten. 

E: He parents the other members of Coffee Prince. That’s his credentials.

the real children

M: That’s true. He’s less afraid of nudity than the rest of them. That should help with babies. 

E: Important with a child.

M: On a different note, I thought that Eun-sae and Min-yup had already broken up. 

E: Their relationship was just always weird. I didn’t think they were ever actually dating in the first place, I thought she just conveniently had him do things for her.

M: That’s also how I describe my relationship to Clickbait Boyfriend. Never mind the commitment implied by the blog series title. 

E: I think you’re a little nicer to CBB.

M: He’s still 80% “the guy who does things for me.” But yes, much like Eun-sae, I do occasionally get him a present when he has given me a few presents. 

E: Mama Ko is also cozying up to the butcher.

M: Note to readers: Emma edited herself. She originally referred to him as The Meat Man. 

E: The weird guy with the poetry.

M: Who cares? Who cares about that relationship? He is so weird! 

E: Just because he is weird doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve love.

M: I guess so. Honestly, there’s not a lot of chemistry in any of these relationships. 

E: Yeah, you seem like you’re not even a fan of Eun-chan and Han-gyul now that they’re together.

Look kids. This is what romance looks like.

M: They are not making the transition from bros to BF/GF very smoothly. That’s okay, that’s a lot to move past, but I do feel like they had more chemistry as men. 

E: Is it that different of a relationship though? Going from like good friends to dating?

M: I guess, but shouldn’t they want to kiss at least a little? It’s fine if they don’t, but Eun-chan doesn’t seem to feel settled in this relationship one way or another. 

E: It is a little awkward with him leaving in like a few weeks, I imagine. Gotta give the Statue of Liberty a few high fives.

M: They need to have more conversations about this. They should be talking about their relationship all the time, especially given that they’re joking about being together for nine years. 

E: That’s a bummer though. That’s a bummer conversation topic to be talking about all the time.

M: They should be watching Boys Over Flowers then. 

E: For a “what not to do” example?

M: Well, no. I thought for a mature way to handle your significant other going away for a couple of years. 

E: The ending, not the middle? For clarity.

M: Yeah, not the part where Jun-pyo’s family ruined the cell phone competition and then whisked him away to their private compound. 

E: Han-gyul’s mom seems nice, so that probably wouldn’t happen

M: I feel like the relationship dynamic there is kind of weird. There are weird vibes between her and Han-gyul. 

E: I did not pick up on the vibes, so I think it’s just you.

M: He’s just really a mama’s boy. 

E: Well, his dad(s) kinda suck so. Fair enough.

M: Go to a tailor! Buy a suit that fits! 

E: Why is his dad so small?

M: Why is wearing suits for a man several inches taller and wider? 

E: The real questions of Coffee Prince.

So many questions to ponder

M: Well, once again, on Romance Tracker: is everyone going to end up together, or will one of these relationships end in tragedy?

E: No, it’s too much of a feel-good show overall. Everybody’s gonna end up in love by the end.

M: Will there be a flashforward, do you think? 

E: 80% sure.

M: Yeah, I think so too. That way we can see Diddly. 

E: Baby Diddly Kong

M: Choi Diddly-kong

E: For Smash.

My Hero Academia S4E19: “Prepping for the School Festival is the Funnest Part”

M: This arc is really weird. I thought beating up children as a test was weird. Little children, not the usual beating up teenage children. But this is another level. 

E: I really like this arc! I like how normal it is after all the Overhaul stuff which was heavier and more expansive, I guess. It’s a nice palette cleanser.

M: When was the last time they did anything normal? The recap episodes?

E: I mean, the test from last season is sort of normal. But I like episodes where we just get to hang out with Class 1-A doing shenanigans. Like the dorm episode.

M: I appreciate it too, although they don’t seem to do any school. 

E: Present Mic teaches them English, what are you talking about?

M: I’m just concerned that Todoroki is only watching Youtube videos all day. 

E: He stays up all night watching concerts videos like “these people are having fun, wonder what this is?”

M: He goes out to the kitchen to get his fourth bowl of late night soba, says hi to Aizawa. They watch a few Vine compilations together. 

E: The minute Todoroki discovers Vines, it’s all over for the villains. 

M: Todoroki is the knife kid, except with fire. There probably is a home video of Todoroki and his mom like “what do you have?” and he’s like “a fire knife!” and she’s like “no!” Meanwhile, Tokoyami is the “look at all those chickens” kid because he’s the only one who can say that without it being a microaggression. 

E: Love that Tokoyami sort of plays the guitar, minus the F chord. It’s good for him.

M: Genuinely an Aggretsuko crossover. 

E: He really could be from that show.

M: Spot him in the OTM Girls crowd. Is that where he was all of the Overhaul arc? Just following OTM on tour?

E: Probably.

M: Feels on brand. That or he was in the Realm of Darkness. Take your crossover pick. 

E: But yeah, we got our band, our tech crew, and everybody else.

M: I’m going to be pissed if I don’t get a full episode of dance class. It looks like Eri is coming in for the festival, which means I’m going to be denied. 

E: They’ll do fine. Mina taught Aoyama how to do a single step in a day so she can teach like ten people a complex dance routine. It’s basically our high school theater days. Put together in a month, guys.

M: It will still be mediocre. They will do the Les Mis step and that’s about it. Was that a targeted dig? Maybe. Targeted at me personally. 

E: I hope Gentle Criminal just films their performance, puts on, like, sound effects from “play of game” edits. Like tons of airhorns. And then that just goes viral.

M: He does have Komiya energy, doesn’t he?

E: Oh no. No no no.

M: As funny as I think the struggling Youtuber angle is here, I think it’s going to backfire when Todoroki is a big fan. 

E: Todoroki’s stumbled into the conspiracy side of YouTube, somebody help him.

M: He doesn’t have a dad to stop him. No parental controls. 

E: But I do really like, like you said, the idea of Gentle and La Brava. We’ll have to see how they play out as the season goes on.

help him, he’s almost made Twitch partner

M: On one hand, it feels a little underwhelming even compared to the early League of Villains, ignoring the yakuza and All for One. On the other hand, I’m not looking forward to Gentle going full evil. I hope they hire him as a marketing teacher. ‘Those who can’t do,’ right?

E: I do like how they call out that everyone’s so fascinated with these really dour and serious villains these days, so nobody’s watching his videos. He’s a small creator. YouTube’s not supporting him. 

M: Retweets appreciated. 

E: Any other thoughts on this episode?

M: I’m upset that Bakugo plays drums. 

E: Bakugo’s good at everything, eventually you must just accept it.

M: I’m also sort of surprised at how completely out of touch with pop-culture everyone but Mina and I guess Todoroki seem to be. 

E: I think it’s just specifically music jargon. Everyone’s into who the popular heroes are and stuff. So they’re just in their insulated fandoms, you know?

M: Yeah, but most kids like sports/movies and also listen to music. 

I doubt Deku even knows a single band, tbh. Maybe if a hero is in it.

E: Not these kids. These kids have been attacked by villains like fifty times now, they’re too grown up and jaded to listen to music.

M: They’re all so buff and you’re telling me they don’t listen to music when they work out. 

E: Maybe they don’t know the difference between like EDM and other music though. I don’t know if I could fully describe the difference between various genres of music. CBB always going on about the 80 types of metal, and you just have to nod along.

M: Right now he’s into blackened death metal. 

E: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Nod, nod.

M: Do you think any of the UA kids are influencers? 

E: Todoroki.

M: Stop that. 

E: Maybe Kaminari? That seems the most likely.

M: He’s too dumb to be an influencer. 

E: Lots of influencers are dumb!

M: Yeah, but you’ve got to have enough business savvy to build that kind of following, it doesn’t just happen anymore. 

E: Then no, probably not. Maybe Invisible Girl. Or Mina, actually. Those are the other two that are maybes. Oh wait. Sugar Man Sato definitely has a baking channel.

M: That’s what I was going to say! 

E: Koda posts cute rabbit videos.

M: Koda just runs The Dodo. 

E: Lawsuit watch? Not many.

Just let him suffer, Mina

M: Can I sue for having to watch that uncomfortable dinner? 

E: Nope!

M: Can Deku sue for All Might telling him to go beyond his limits? 

E: Nope!

M: You’re right, it’s a catchphrase, he wasn’t meant to take it literally. 

E: Caffeine watch?

M: Definitely Bakugo playing the drums and Mina offering Mineta a chance to be in the harem. 

E: He’s easily throwable, you could do some dance moves with that

M: Maybe they can make costumes out of his balls. 

E: Oh god.

M: Look, what General Studies wants is for these pricks to humiliate themselves, so give them what they want. 

E: Speaking of, do you want the next episode title?

M: Yeah, I guess. 

E: Season 4 Episode 20 is called “Gold Tips Imperial”

M: Prediction one: Emma just told me this was the tea he drank, which I didn’t notice, and I thought–

E: He said it out loud!

M: He said it was called Royal Flush. 

E: No, he didn’t!

M: Yes, he did! 

E: Editor Emma will settle this. (EDITOR EMMA: Yeah, I think it’s Royal Flush. Whoops!)

M: Well, I thought it was going to be the band name. 

E: Why would that be the band name???

M: I thought it would be pretty dumb, but then again, Kaminari is in the band. 

E: Nobody would let Kaminari name the band. Bakugo’s gonna strong arm everyone, and it’s going to called the Murder Explosion Killers or something.

M: Murder Exposion Killer and the Heroes. 


M: Prediction two: Todoroki discovers TikTok. That’s it. 


(note from Reaction Emma to Editor Emma: come up with something relevant and funny kthnx) (EDITOR EMMA: No. I made Knife Shoto, what do you want from me.)

M: Prediction three: their dance is going to be so bad. The show will pretend that it’s good, but it’s going to be Macarena-level. 


M: Prediction four: Present Mic will be very hurt that he wasn’t asked to be sampled in their song. 


M: Prediction five: Just like in It’s a Wonderful Life….do you know where this is going?

E: Zuzu’s petals! No, I don’t know.

M: In the gym…

E: Oh okay, the first half of the movie.

M: Aizawa will tell the general studies students, led by Moody Boy with the villain power, where the lever is to open the underground pool during Gold Tips Supreme’s set. Murder Man and the Super Squad’s set. 


Hey there, it’s Emma! I admit that last reaction is esoteric, it came to me in a frenzy, I apologize. Anyway, thanks for reading and watching along anyway!

Next time on My Hero Academia and Coffee Prince: the grandmas get mean and the little girls get shown around.

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