Side-Quest 50: Get These Wizards Some Plumbing

Hello and welcome to another Side-Quest episode of Talk This! It’s Dangerous to Podcast Alone! It’s been so long since we last saw you. It must have been last year! 😉 yeah, we’re funny on this show.

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Save Data

Dead Cells, as discussed on the video game podcast along other games

It’s been a weird couple of weeks away from our PS4s, meaning we’ve been scrounging for content on the Switch- well, mostly Emma. Madelyn’s been deep diving into the Adventures of Champ McDude, clearing the 100 hour threshold of the game. Just like 20 or so more to go. As for Emma, she grabbed Just Shapes and Beats as well as Dead Cells for the Switch and, well, she’s not so awesome at them. But they’re fun!

Weather Report

Overwatch heroes line-up, controversy over Ellie pro Overwatch player

We discuss the controversy around Ellie and how much it even matters if the female pro esports player is actually who she says she is. Listen, people on the Internet are the worst. That’s what you can take away from this segment. Some of you are great. But…people on the Internet suck.

Off-Topic Corner

Harry Potter, probably thinking about how he has to vanish his own wizarding poo

Joanne, please. Put down your Harry Potter toys and do not give me this lore anymore. We discuss the OFFICIAL LORE INFORMATION publicized this week (although apparently it’s been on Pottermore for like two years) through Twitter. Which is that witches and wizards used to just go to the bathroom on the go and vanish the evidence. I had to know it. Now you have to know it. Harry, as you can tell, is not happy about knowing it.

Traffic Report

We had an intense Social Media Strategy Meeting this past week, so look forward to the fruits of our labors across the website, blog, and our general social media. It’s our Terrible Twos, we’re evolving.

Before that, however, keep up with our regularly scheduled content with a Clickbait Boyfriend and a few Split Screens. What should CBB do once KH is over? What should we do when Boys Over Flowers ends? We’re asking ourselves these questions, but you too.

Question of the Fortnight

Persona 5 Rampage. Persona 5 Rude. Persona 5 Rats. Persona 5 Ra Ra Ra. What will Persona 5 R be? We debate the question, but we want to know your ideas too! Let us know in the comments or on social media!

Enjoy the episode! If you want to know what we talked about on last week’s full episode, check out the blog for our Best of 2018 episode right here. Look forward to next week’s episode where we’re talking about Yume Nikki and We Happy Few. It’s going to be a creepy one.

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