Author: talkthissisters

Clickbait Boyfriend: Tangled Story Web

Grab your hairbrushes, Clickbait Boyfriend fans, because things are about to get Tangled! We’ve got mood swings from characters and from CBB! We’ve got yet more disrespect for Daisy Duck! We’ve got discussions of ludonarrative dissonance! And Marluxia is here, looking fabulous. Put on your dancing shoes, and let’s jump in! (First time Clickbait Boyfriend reader?…

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Clickbait Boyfriend: No One’s Ever Loved You Before

Gutentag, Clickbait Boyfriend fans! Even though everyone’s favorite perplexed Keyblade master is out of the country, we’ve got plenty of thoughts, musings, and confused outbursts to share! This week, we’re peering inside Toy Box and all of its many mysteries. What are the ethics of murdering other toys? When did Woody become the coolest character…

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Clickbait Boyfriend: Trains, Planes, and Puppymobiles

Hello there, Clickbait Boyfriend readers! I realize I already made the joke about emerging from the Realm of Darkness, but I’ve once again emerged from the Realm of Darkness. Well, sort of. The Realm of Vacation Fun and Jetlag Fog would be a more accurate descriptor. Finally, two weeks after returning from Japan (where despite…

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