Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does biweekly mean?

Biweekly is defined as both 1) twice a week and 2) once every two weeks. Thanks English language. We're going with the latter definition for the foreseeable future. Fortnightly, if you will.

Where can I listen?

Right here for one. If you'd rather download, the show is also available on Apple Podcast, GooglePlay, Spotify and other services. WE REALLY RECOMMEND YOU SUBSCRIBE! Check out our Episodes page for more information.

What sort of games do you talk about?

All kinds! Sometimes we're big fans, sometimes we're small fans, sometimes we are abjectly not fans, and sometimes we simply haven't played it. We'll always be honest with you about that. We're not here to review the games after all, we're here to discuss them.

Who's this podcast for?

You! Your mom! Your neighbor! That cute personĀ at the office! Your dog! We recommend a passing interest in games, but we try to make the show accessible for everyone. So please, share it around!