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Clickbait Boyfriend: One More Song! One More Song!

Clickbait Boyfriend is back, just in time for the holidays! This time, we’re getting groovy with the latest Kingdom Hearts installment, Melody of Memory! After Clickbait Boyfriend’s impressions of the demo, I was worried that this game would not be his cup of tea. Was I right on the munny, or does Clickbait Boyfriend still have some surprises up his…

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Clickbait Boyfriend: Pooh Pooh Platter

Hey there, Clickbait Boyfriend fans! We’ve returned after an unexpected mini hiatus. If you listened to this week’s episode of the podcast or read this week’s upcoming Split Screen, you’ve heard that he used to be a vacationer like you, but then he took a stingray to the foot. Now that I’m confident that he…

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Clickbait Boyfriend: Dream Drop DARKNESS!!!

“Now for the classic ‘get my butt kicked by a hard boss and then way over-level-grind to compensate.’ Classic Kingdom Hearts.” -on time-honored rituals That’s right, folks, Clickbait Boyfriend is back on that grind., and so is the blog after a holiday hiatus! With less than two weeks until Kingdom Hearts 3, everyone’s favorite KH newbie (if he…

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